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Man uses softdrinks in bathroom as substitute for the lost water

Water is very important in our daily lives. Without water, humans can’t survive. We should help save and conserve water for humanity’s sake.

Lately, our country has a water shortage problem. The water in Angat Dam is on the critical water level that is why the contribution of water is being done economically. It would help to avoid water supply problems in the different parts of Metro Manila.

San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan is one of the affected areas of water shortage. A lot of people are begging the two big water companies to give their water supply back, for it has been three days without water supply and it was hard to do things without water. Because of this, they search for other alternatives to solve their problems.

Carlos Delos Santos, a Facebook Netizen shared a video that went viral all over social media. In the video, a man named Orlando could be seen opening soft drinks and pouring it inside a pail. As stated by the man, he would use the lemon drinks in their bathroom as a substitute for the lost water. After the pail is filled with soft drinks, he immediately went inside the bathroom while joking.

Although they had a water shortage, a lot of netizens were glad with Orlando’s actions. Several joined his jokes about exchanging their water to his soft drinks.

Philippine Atmosphere Geophysical and Astronaut Services Administration (PAGASA) announced that our country would experience rain. This could restore the water level in Angat Dam and the solution for the fix the water supply services throughout the different places in Metro Manila and the provinces. Many individuals were hoping not to experience water shortage because of the rain these past few days.

How about you, folks? What would you do when there is a water shortage in your area? Let me know by leaving comments.

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