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Mayor Isko Moreno and family dress up as Marvel superheroes for son’s 7th birthday

During a kid’s birthday party, the theme would usually be of some cartoon characters and heroes. And to make the child happier usually the family members of the celebrant wear costumes with the said theme.

As a Mayor of Manila, Mayor Isko Moreno has always been viral for his plans and projects which he executes swiftly ever since he become the mayor of the city.

Last September 8, 2019, Mayor Isko made it to the headlines again. Photos that were shared on Facebook of him dressed up as the Marvel character Doctor Strange circulated online.


The said photos were taken during the celebration of Mayor Isko’s son, Drake’s 7th birthday.

Drake, the birthday boy was wearing an Iron Man while Dianna Lynn Ditan, the mayor’s wife was seen wearing a Captain Marvel costume. While their kids Frances Diane and Joaquin Andre dressed up as Black Widow and Captain America. Mayor Isko’s family members were seen wearing Thor, Scarlet Witch, Nebula, Ant-Man, and Ronin costumes.

Not long ago, a video has been shared on Facebook of Mayor Isko receiving his first salary as Manila Mayor. It was seen in the video, the mayor’s excitement as he showed his paycheck worth P122,000 with an additional representation allowance and transportation allowance (RATA) worth P28,000.

“Sulit! Ang laki ng suweldo ko. P140,000 din halos ‘yun. May grocery na. Matutuwa na. May pambili na ng gatas, diaper. Gatas, diaper.” He said.

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