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Netizen Got Surprised After Seeing her ATM balance

Banking is a lot more convenient this day, easy to withdraw money wherever you go from all over the different ATM machines that is around the country. A lot of people also usually rely their businesses and transactions with their trusted bank companies. But sometimes mistakes were made unintentionally even with the use of high technologies. Especially when there are some system glitches and problems during a client bank transaction.

The Facebook page “Philippine Star” broadcasted that a bank client was shocked after seeing her ATM balance amounting P150, 000 because she was not expecting a big amount. The lady immediately reported it to the bank management.

The son of the ATM card owner, Carl Abarquez, said that his mother is not expecting a huge deposit in her account. They were shocked after discovering a large amount of balance in their ATM account.

“Hindi na po namin inisip na pag interasan kasi hindi naman po amin,” Abarquez said.

On the other hand, the honest lady was assured by the bank management that the money will be returned to the sender.

Social media users lauded for the lady’s honesty.

What would you don if you are in their shoes? Feel free to leave your comments and reactions.

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