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Netizen, laking gulat nang makita ang orders ng kanyang anak online

Online shopping is very convenient nowadays, with just a click you order and wait for a few days for your order at your doorsteps. Hassle-free and time-saving. Some downloaded online shopping apps for easy access.

Cassandra Nichole Alegre shared on her Facebook account how shocked she was with what she discovered in her Shoppee account.Her 5-year-old son ordered items from Shoppee and it was on the way of delivery. In the pictures, the orders total almost P5000.

Here is her post:

“At tumigil ang mundo ko ng buksan ko ang shoppee account ng anak kong 5 years old,” sabi ni Cassandra. “Di na pati macacancel ta otw na ang para deliver. Paparanuhon ko daw ni. Ay tlgang makukurot kita Yves. Ay tlga nanggigigil ako.”

There was another post she shared where she found out that her child has added several items in the cart also.

She said, “Nawala ang antok ko sayong bata ka. Ang dami pa pala sa cart. Pangyayari”

Social media users commented on the said posts:

“Pag ganito mapapakanta ka nalang Sa shopee p p p p p” 
“Hahahhahah marunong mana sa mami hahaha palashopee Sayawan k lng nyan sis tnggal gigil mo” 
“This made my day hehehehe” “sad mommy hahaha”

What would you do if you are in Cassandra’s situation guys? Feel free to leave your reactions and comments.

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