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Netizen notices something on “The Better Woman” Scene of GMA

A television series “The Better Woman” which is currently airing on the GMA network about the twins, Juliet and Jasmine, who by fate got separated but meant to see each other again. But because of Andrew de Villa, husband of Jasmine things started to turn messy. Jasmine and Juliet are played by actress Andrea Torres while the actor Derek Ramsay plays the role of Andrew.


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The story revolves around the married couple Jasmine and Andrew de Villa. When Jasmine reunites again with her long lost twin sister, Juliet. The latter already met Andrew at a bar and she fell in love with him and they had an affair eventually.

In the occurring recent episodes, Juliet she kidnapped Jasmine, killed Angela, Andrew’s sister, and also poisoned Chesi her own best friend. There is a blooper video in Jasmine’s kidnapped scene that was posted online and goes viral.

Here are some of the reactions from the post:

“sino nakapansin iba yung damit nung nagtanggal ng panyo. Hahaha pinagloloko tayo ng GMA.”
“Iba yung damit ng ibinaba yung panyo Hahaha di marunong mag edit eh, hehehe nakakawa lng”
“Bakit iba yung damit nung nagtanggal nag panyo??”
“Hahaha tingnan niyo ung pagtanggal niya sa takip ni jasmine diba iba ung damit #PALPAK”

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