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Netizen orders led light signage “OPEN”, receives “PANDESAL” signage instead

Online shopping is very common for us nowadays. Who wouldn’t love it? Buying things are made easy, in just a few clicks your desired products would be in your doorsteps after a few days. No hassle, time-saving and very convenient to say the least. But be careful not all the products are authentic. Some of those are way different from the sample photos you are seeing in their ads.

Last September 7, 2019, Saturday a Facebook user named Marlon Alimocon posted how angry and disappointed he was with what he received from a popular online shop Lazada.

A Facebook user named “Alimocon” ordered light signage with “OPEN” words on it, but he received signage with “PANDESAL” words on it instead.

Here is his facebook post:

“Ano to???LAZADA!!!
umorder ako s inyo OPEN pinadala nyo PANDESAL!!! Inang yn!!!!!! Mga bwisit!!

Some netizens reactions on the said post:

@Roma Dumagat: “A Ma Ri Fate Lazada pa more! Hahahha ano na! Pa-kape kana para may pares yang pandesal”
@John Tolentino: “There’s the Seller and Lazada it self.. who’s to blame… sa Laz store mo ba nabili yan?”
@Winn Papel: “Online shopping delivery gone wrong Dan Zendel Ate Che Cataquis #AnuNa”
@Neysa Bianca Gonzaga Geocallo: “order ka uli tas orderin mo maman pandesal para OPEN naipadala seyo”
@Nolan Pasuengos :“Toni Flores sabi sayo budol budol si lazada e hahaha”

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