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OFWs’ life style and struggles in Dubai revealed in Facebook Post

Working abroad and being away from your family is one of the hardest sacrifices OFWs done for their family. Working away for years and not seeing their loved ones is not an easy thing to do. But due to poverty, they choose to work overseas in the hope of earning more than what they earn in the country.

However, not all people are aware of the struggles of OFWs in foreign countries. Every day they battle with longings and homesickness as they work their butt’s off to earn for a living. Some don’t even complain even if they are tired of working just to provide for their families in the Philippines. They save money and spend almost nothing for themselves so they could send enough money for their loved ones.

Not long ago, a Facebook page OFW Lifestyle shared a post about the life and struggle of an OFW in Dubai that went viral.

According to the post, the average salary in Dubai is between 2,500 to 3,500 Dirhams. It is between PHP 35,000.00 to PHP 42,000.00 if converted to Philippine peso. The amount may sound big, but there are some Filipinos who are only earning 1,500 AED abroad. 1,000 AED is the average accommodation in Dubai and it may take 500 AED per month for the grocery. While taxi fare is 12 AED and it is the people’s only mode of transportation against the heat of the sun. From that calculation, we could see that the money they earn abroad is not enough if divided among their savings, allowance, and the money they will send to their families in the Philippines.

Here is the full post:
“Magkano ang sahod sa UAE?
Kung ordinaryong empleyado ka, ang average salary doon is around 2,500 to 3,000 DIRHAMS. That’s 35,000 to 42,000 pesos kung ang palitan ay 1 AED = 14 Php. Malaki ba? Not really. Truth be told, may mga sumasahod ng 1,500 AED dito.
Ang bahay? Average of 1,000 AED. 14,000 pesos para sa isang partition, meaning hindi concrete ang pader. 2000 to 2500AED ang concrete o studio type . Minsan, literal split ang split-type AC dahil may butas sa pader para share kayo ng katabing kwarto. Swerte ka kung provided ang accomodation mo pero madalas, hindi.
Grocery? 500 AED to 1000 AED per month. Minsan nga bumili ako ng isang sayote at isang pirasong luya. 5 AED ang total, 70 pesos para sa kapiranggot na gulay.
Flag down ng taxi doon is 12 AED. 168 pesos para sa pwede mong lakarin na distansya pero kailangan mo mag-taxi kung ayaw mong mamatay sa init ng araw na umaabot ng almost 50 degrees on a daily basis. Not to mention yung hangin na akala mo nasa harap ka ng tambutso ng kotse sa init.
Ang natitira? Pagkakasyahin sa ipon, allowance, padala at mga munting kaligayahan tulad ng pagkain sa labas, shopping at kung ano-ano pa. Isang meal ng McDo, ang average is 24 AED. 300 pesos para sa isang burger, medium fries and drinks. Yes, luxury ang fastfood doon. Yung aabot ka sa point na ic-crave mo kasi nga mahal.
Ang punto? Hindi namumulot ng pera doon. Kaya pag may kamag-anak ka na OFW, hindi ibig sabihin jumejebs yan ng ginto.
Wala pong patama sa kahit sino to.. gusto Lang po namin malaman nyo ang buhay dito ay Hindi biro..
Copy paste… not easy kung alam lang ng iba ”

The said post gathered reactions from netizens who are OFW’s themselves. Here is some of it:

@Leannah Mangulad Garcia: “In spite of the sadness and loneliness, somehow there is joy. They love sending present and money in their family. They are glad that their children now have new gadgets. They are excited of the improvement of their home. In short, all of their sacrifices pays off for the lifestyle of their left family has changed because of them. And I’m proud to say that I’m one of them!
#ProudtobeOFW ”
@Junavelle Gasmin – Senio: “Lucky us na nasa bahay at may mabubuting amo.  Thanks God ”
@Uddin Maeen: “It’s true life is not easy but still if you have control over your expenses you can save more .the 2nd thing this is the land of opportunity you can grow you can move to next level in your life if you really work hard great things never come from comfort zone it’s required a lot of struggle……”
@Zaphire Bravo: “That’s the fact true hurts but I think if the people make a plan to grow & move to have a progress in life we can ,coz I believed most of the Filipinos are more educated & discipline in my 7yrs in dxb I experience a lots of ups & down working 3x recessions in hotel,Unilever gulf & in 6yrs working in airport 4×4 so I try to do partime as well so I can make more income then after 1year I plan to move coz I feel no progress at all so it’s not too late proud to be  now I’m in UK 🇬🇧”
@Jhing Casigay: “Buhay OFW…
So hard to beat struggles but God is bigger than anything else,,,
Just focus on the positive side of it,,,for less stress…..
Di ka nag iisa kabayan…
We’re out from our comfort zone for our families…”

What can you say about these guys? Feel free to leave your reactions and comments.

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