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Online seller proudly share her newly built house, the fruit of her five years of labor from her online business

Online selling is a trend nowadays especially for those who are at home looking for some extra income. Shopping online is a lot easier and convenient so many online sellers are popping out online. With perseverance and hard-working, selling online would give you a good profit. And there were many trending online sellers for being successful in the business they had.

Car Li Ta, a Facebook user shared her story being an online seller that gone viral. She posted photos of her newly built house, the fruit of her five years of labor from her online selling business.

Selling ready to wear clothes online, she was dubbed as “babaeng walang pahinga”. Because of the perseverance and versatile of Car Li Ta and her husband, they have now a house that they finally called their own. She treats the house as a birthday gift.

According to Car Li Ta, she still remembers what they have been through these past few years. The failures, stress, financial problems and sometimes emotional breakdown. Until the opportunity knocks on their door and the blessings come to their family.

She expressed her gratefulness to God for the blessing she receives through online selling. Car Li Ta gives online sellers inspiration to strive more and work harder and always trust in God. She also added that one should always be down to earth.

According to Car Li Ta, their house is the achievement they receive through online selling and there will be more coming for them. They will make sure to aim for more with their diligence and through God’s help.

Indeed, everything is possible to achieve success with God’s guidance.

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