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Pinoy inventor creates Helicycle Motocopter goes viral

Anywhere Filipinos go they share their talents. It is always a thing to be proud of as a Filipino when you saw your fellow showcased their talents all over the world and many people admired them. And not only in the Philippines but also in different countries all around the world, Filipinos are considered as one of the most talented people. Foreign nationals caught the interest of us because of our unique and amazing talents.

Carter Usman, a Pinoy inventor created the “Helicycle Motocopter,” a combination of motorcycle and helicopter goes viral online.

A little while back, another Filipino inventor created the Helicycle Motocopter made up of PVC pipes and plain metal sheets go viral. He painted the unique vehicle with blue, red, white, and yellow that symbolizes the Philippine flag.

Although his artwork was not included in Kadayawan Festival, the Davaoeño artists showcased his modified motorcycle in the feast of the city. The inventor Usman was also happy after his masterpiece goes viral online.

Carter Usman only proves that Filipinos have wild imaginations, exceptional talent, and a very creative mindset. The said photos of the Helicycle Motocopter has already garnered 3.7k reactions, 391 shares, and 505 comments as of this writing.

Filipinos are really creative, right? Feel free to leave your reactions in the comment box

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