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Randy Santiago reveals the real story of what happened to his eyes

Everyone may come and go into show business, but Randy Santiago and his signature sunglasses never change. Have you ever thought of seeing him once without wearing sunglass? Why isn’t he taking it off even once? Are you curious as to why too? Well, keep on reading and you will find out.

Randy Santiago or Randy Gerard Legaspi Santiago in real life is a Filipino actor/comedian, television host, singer, songwriter, producer, director, and entrepreneur. He is very well known for being a good singer and comedian. No wonder he is very active and has a lot of projects coming in since he started in the year 1986 up until now. The public last saw him in ABS-CBN’s “La Luna Sangre” where Kathryn Bernardo is the lead actress.

As time goes by, many things change in the actor’s life, but not his sunglasses. Some people think it is his signature look to be different from the other actors, but there is a deeper reason why he is not taking it off. In Randy’s TV guesting in ABS-CBN’s show “Magandang Buhay” he shared his life before he entered showbiz. One of the stories he shared was the reason why he needs to wear sunglasses every day when he is on TV and in public places.

According to the actor, he was still young when they noticed a lumped in his left eye. He undergoes surgery to remove it, but it started growing again. The actor’s mother decided to have another surgery for Randy to remove the lumped again. The operation was successful, but it caused damage to some of his nerves resulting from him to have difficulty in opening his eyes properly.

Even in his situation, he did not experience being bullied at school which he is very grateful for having good classmates. His confidence did not falter even though he had unique eyes. Also, Randy added that the lump is not due to chronic disease and that it just suddenly grow.

Indeed, Randy Santiago is one of the living proof that even if you have a disability it is not a hindrance to show the world your talents and reach your dreams.

What can you say, folks?

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