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Reaction of little kid who was very scared when Jollibee Mascout comes out Goes Viral

The mascots are very common when there is an event or a program, especially at a birthday party. Children love to see mascots, particularly if the said mascot is their favorite character. Some would get excited upon seeing one, some would hug it and some would even take a picture with it.

Jollibee is a very well known mascot. Who would not be entertained with the big bee mascot with a cute smiling face? We can’t deny the fact that Jollibee is very popular and when you search it on the internet a lot of videos would come out because he gives amusement not only to children but also grown-ups.

A Facebook user named Mae Conde shared a video of a child she called Chaychay who was very scared when the mascot comes out. Her post has a caption of:
“Yung ibang bata tuwang tuwa kay Jollibee yung isa takot na takot.”

They were seated with a long divider, netizens find it hilarious with the child’s reaction when she saw Jollibee coming out, instead of being surprised she was terrified and in the brink of crying. She said also, “takot ako” as she tried to hide in the divider to avoid seeing the mascot. When the mascot noticed her, he went to the little girl, but as she saw the mascot getting nearer she becomes more terrified and got up from where she was seated. The mascot stopped on his tracks and scratched his head.

They said that Jollibee is the child’s favorite fast-food chain, but that is also the first time she saw a real-life Jollibee that is why she is frightened of the mascot.

These are some of the reactions of the netizens on the video:

“Nakakatuwa kasi lalo na yung face niya takot na tako ang cute.”
“Baka ayaw na ni Chaychat kumain sa Jollibee next time.”
“Hahahaha! Takot sa mascot pero ang takaw kumain ng chicken.”


Isn’t Chaychay so cute? So what can you say about this? Share us your thoughts by simply leaving on the comment section below. For more news and latest updates, feel free to visit bahayofw.com. Thanks for dropping by and reading this post.

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