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Richard Gomez on Gilas Pilipinas: “International basketball is not for us Filipinos”

FIBA Basketball World Cup also known as the FIBA World Cup of Basketball is an international basketball competition contested by the senior men’s national teams of the members of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA), the sport’s global governing body.
It is considered the flagship event of FIBA.


This year it was held in China, which started last August 31 and ended September 15, 2019. The Republic of the Philippines, Gilas Pilipinas is one of the participants.



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Pilipinas naming mahal, walang imposible. 🇵🇭 On to the next. 👏💪 #PILIPINASGOTGAME 📷 FIBA

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A lot of Filipinos were very disappointed by how the players played. Many shared their reactions online even a well-known personality commented about it.

Ormoc City Mayor, Richard Gomez, commented on the disappointing performance of the ” Gilas Pilipinas” at the 2019 FIBA
Basketball World Cup. Gomez believes that because we, Filipinos, are shorter in height compared to the other countries will always have a disadvantage in international basketball competitions. And suggested focussing on the sports where we have a greater chance of winning.

Here is the Ormoc Mayor’s Instagram post:

“Let’s face it, international basketball is not for us Filipinos. We are just
too small for the game. At best would be the Southeast Asian region. If you
want to continue basketball let’s just do it for local consumption. Save your
funds and use it for sports where we can become Olympic champions.”

Netizens had different reactions to Gomez’s suggestion. Here is some of it:

“I agree. We spend millions for this sports we cannot win. Why not focus on
other sports where we have more winning potentials.”

“Agreed.. we have a lot of competitive athletes from various sports dicispline
who can bring more honor to our country.”

“Bittersweet reality. Let’s just move forward & accept that PUSO is not
enough in this competition.”

“It’s not about winning or losing. What’s important is the passion for the
sports that makes the people united. We did a better performance the previous
world cup which means we’re closer to our goal to be known as an excellent
basketball nation. We can do it, we should never stop. Laban lang.”

“Do we really need to give up on something just like that? Why not encourage
more support for other sports that you love without discouraging where our PUSO
is at?”

Do you agree with Richard Gomez’s suggestion? Feel free to leave your comments
and reactions.

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