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Teacher crosses collapsed road just to reach school

Sometimes we did not notice the dedication of our teachers to go to school and teach. We are not aware of how many rivers, they crossed or mountains, they climbed every day just to do their job.

Just like a teacher from Thailand, the broken road did not hinder her to go to school to teach her students.

A Thai Facebook user shared a picture of the teacher that gone viral. They admired her dedication to go to school and crossed the broken road only on foot because of the landslide.

The road collapsed because of the landslide due to the tropical storm that hit the area. In the meantime, they put metal stairs for those who really want to cross the road.

Based on the picture, some chunks of the cement fell that is why people are having a hard time to cross the road. And there is also a 5-meter gap from the fallen road until the other end. But the teacher bravely went down and up these chunks just to go to school.

She is in her uniform in the picture as she was seen going down and up the fallen road while in her hands where her bag and shoes. The teacher said she needs to go to school no matter what because her students are waiting for her to teach them.

The netizens praised the teachers’ dedication to her job and also her bravery for crossing such a dangerous path just to be with her students who are waiting for her at the school.

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