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This Girl Literally went “Solo flight” after being the only passenger on board the plane

When you have a scheduled flight it is a must to be at the airport at an earlier time so that you won’t miss it and time it takes for many passengers to board the aircraft too. The airplane is always full of passengers, but what would you do if you are the only passenger onboard?

Louisa Erispe, a lady passenger on board of the flight PR2820 of Philippine Airlines was left speechless when she noticed that she was the only passenger. Erispe was shocked to find the seats behind her all empty, aside from the crew and captain of the plane. The Recovery Crate said that the flight will travel from Davao to Manila.

She was the only one on board because her flight was rebooked to an earlier time. Erispe was the only one PAL was unable to get in touch with, as they were in the process of contacting passengers for the change in flight schedule.

Erispe works as a news correspondent of PTV and booked a flight through her company. This explains why she just decided to take the 11 PM flight when she arrived at the airport.


The news correspondent shared her once in a lifetime experience for everyone. She expressed her gratitude to the captain and all the crew of the plane for taking her to her destination safe and sound.

On the other hand, PAL was lauded with many netizens for the quality service they provided to Erispe, that is, even if she was the only passenger on board they still decided to fly the aircraft.

“Kudos to Phillippine Airlines na nilipad pa rin ako. The best airline so far,” Erispe stated.

How would you react if it was you? Feel free to leave your comments and reactions.

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