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Tibo Na OFW sa Dubai, Ipinagkakalat na Girlfriend Niya Ang Kanyang Russian na Amo sa Social Media

Raffy Tulfo’s program Tulfo in Action is very popular not only in the Philippines but also to our fellow Filipinos who are abroad. A lot of good deeds and cased close because of Tulfo’s help. He helps the oppressed, cheated wives, abused children, and even foreigners seek help to him.

September 16,2019, the Raffy Tulfo in Action’s YouTube Channel posted the part 3 of a face to face of a Russian from Dubai and her scammer Filipino maid.

With the caption:


Manar Al Khebi, Russian from Dubai faced her maid with Emma Del Monte and Ping Del Monte who help Manar.

Jocelle Inocencio, Manar’s maid bravely went to Tulfo last September 15, 2019, to defend her side with her sister. She made a list to backlash all Manar’s accusation of her. She stated that the Russian and she has a relationship, and showed Tulfo pieces of evidence that they were, in fact, having an affair and they even had sex anywhere in the house. She also added that Manar is jealous every time she talked with other girls and beat her.

Emma defended Manar’s side, she was mad at Jocelle for all the lies she was saying. The latter is being praised by netizens for defending Manar like her own child and some even stated she was like the late Senator Meriam Santiago.

“You do note that Jocelle is a liar. She is a payk. Kudos kay Miss Emma na parang nanay na ipinagtatanggol yun naaping anak!”
“pag galit ka talaga haha mapapa english ka ng bongga hahaha Salute to you Madam na nakaitim .. kakabugin ! god bless po”
“Yung Emma del monte. Ala Merriam santiago ang peg! ”
“Bilib kay madam emma ang galing mag english! Di sumakit ulo ko, parang nabuhay si senator miriam ”
“The Iron Lady of Asia is reincarnated. ”

The truth will always prevail in the end. All the truth about Jocelle’s lies was revealed to the whole world. The arrogant tomboy ends up crying and apologizing to the Russian. Jocelle will be put to jail for all the wrong things she committed.


A lot of netizens admired Del Monte’s for helping and taking care of Manar. Fellow Filipinos were very proud of them. A lot also praised how kind the Russian lady was, she was lauded of her kindness and beauty and her will to prove worldwide that not all Filipino’s are bad.

The video elicited mixed reactions from the netizens. Here are some comments:

@Mimie Manaog: “madam manar you are too kind I want to be your maid poreveerrrr . ☺❤
@Michaela Hushin: “That smirking tomboy is getting into my nerves! I wanna slap her so badddd. ”
@Christine Bagadiong: “Come to think of it, you’re surname is INOCENCIO but you’re not even fvcking INNOCENT”
@Jeffrey Agustin: “wow MADAM MANAR , your so kind, gorgeous, adorable , inside and outside .. i am salute and bow to your attitude , personality… GOD BLESS and to your family…..”
@Khen&Rhev OFFICIAL: “nakaka asar tlaga pag mumukha netong tomboy neto..magsama kayo ni gretchen na hindi naka-ihi sa cr.”
@Aceler Van: “Ang gago!! Sinong papatol sayo mukha kang tae hahaha tingnan mo ung amo mo asawa lawyer at papa ambassador, see ikaw anu? Assumerong palaka”
@Kash Shew: “OMG HAHAHAHA I Was supposed to be serious (and asleep) kaso lang ang lt talaga eh. I KENNAT! HAHAHA “I’m Nose Bleeding Now””
@Cherry Blossom: ”Madam ako nalang kunin mung Maid matino akong babae po you don’t deserve that shit tomboy”
@Mary mary: “Nakakaproud dealer sya ng Vita  Godbless Madam Manar  seeyooouu. And thankyou Pengggg and Family sa pagtulong kay Mam Manar :)”
@Gizibee TV: “ako lang ba? proud ako sa dalawang taong nagde-defend kay ma’am Manar. saludo ako sainyo ❤ edited. the way ate Emma held her hand, parang pinapatatag nya loob ni ma’am Manar ❤”
@Katrina Vivianne Joy Manuel: “Nag iilusyon si madame tomboy. Parang may personality disorder. Kelangan ata niya ipatingin sa psychiatrist. Real talk. ”

As of writing the YouTube video has gained 3,543,058 views and 25,000 comments.

Did you admire Madam Manar’s kindness and beauty too? Feel free to leave some comments.

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