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Vice Ganda notices that Anne Curtis was emotional when they talked about babies

A lot of people joined a contest that can be seen on national television, some go home with prices, some go home empty-handed. But during this show, people nationwide could see some moments that are unforgettable and very touching.

Vice Ganda claimed that the actress Anne Curtis became emotional because of what a contestant said on national television when they were hosting the noontime variety show “It’s Showtime”.

Vice was interviewing the “Mr. Q&A” contestant about his family, and they learned that his wife is pregnant and due to give birth to a baby girl next month.

Anne was listening attentively to the answers of their guests, and she could not help but react upon hearing the name of his future baby.

The contestant answered, “Harriette Gabrielle po. Yung Harriette po, parang “ruler of the house” Tapos yung Gabrielle is “God is my strength”.

Vice then suddenly exclaimed that Anne became emotional, and he even questioned her about what made her teary-eyed. Which the actress denied she did not cry. But the famous comedian amusingly imitated how she remarked on the contestant’s explanation.

Vice stated, “Anong nakakaiyak doon, Anne? Basang-basa yang mata mo”.

“Hindi naman ako naiyak,” the actress replied.

What do you guys think of it? Why did Anne become teary-eyed? Feel free to leave some comments.

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