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Young street kid threatens woman: “Pera o Dura??”

It is a very common scene every day in public places and streets to see children scattered around asking for money from everyone they see. A lot of people pity to these children and give them money or food. But some street children won’t take no and forced some passersby to give them money.

The Facebook page “Mahilig Mag Like at Share”, recently shared a video that has gone viral after it was posted online. It is a video of a young street kid asking alms from a lady and threatening her “Pera o Dura??”.

The said video has a caption of:

“Hold-up! Pera o Dura?? Pasaway na mga namamalimos to sapilitan! CTTO”

It can be seen in the video how the kid threatened the lady to spit on her if she would not give him any coins. A few moments, the companion of the street kid arrived and leave the lady alone after warning them that she will call the police.

Here are some of the comments from netizens:

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